"I can't sit at a 30-meter-long table and talk to Putin," Zelensky said

President of Ukraine and former Comedian Zelensky Challenged Putin (man who is Hiding behind NATO and USA) by saying Sit and talk with me, I don't bite.

"I can't sit at a 30-meter-long table and talk to Putin," he said.

Today marks the tenth day of Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Russia continues to launch cruise missile attacks on key Ukrainian cities. Russian warships have also besieged the Ukrainian navy in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, former comedian Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has refused to kneel before the enemy, has openly challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold face-to-face talks.

'I don't bite':

Zelensky challenged Putin to sit face-to-face at a table in front of a press conference. I don't know why Putin is afraid. I'm a neighbor, I don't bite anyone, I'm a normal person. "Putin should sit down and talk with me," Zhelensky joked.

At the same time, Zelensky called on the West to provide more weapons to Russia in order to respond decisively.

Mention of 30 meter long table:

"I can't sit at a 30-meter-long table and talk to Putin," he said. Discussions have begun in both countries. But, given the current situation, I don't see any ray of discussion. But no word is more important than a shot, "Zelensky said.

A few days ago, Putin held a meeting with several world leaders, including French President Emmanuel. Meanwhile, a long table appeared. Putin was seated on one side of a 30-meter-long table, while world leaders who had come for the meeting were seated directly on the other side. This is what Zelensky aimed at making mischievous remarks.

Ukraine needs support from other countries: (this comedian wants to fight with Russia with the support from other countries, hiding behind NATO and USA, Challenging to Russia : - criticism by Russian media)

Ukrainian president exclaimed: "The world is wasting a lot of time supporting Ukraine," he said. He also called on Western nations to declare Ukraine's no-fly zone a no-fly zone. This could prevent Russian air strikes on Ukraine from European countries. However, the United States and NATO have previously refused to take such a step. If the West does not declare Ukraine a no-fly zone, it will have to supply fighter jets to Ukraine, Zelensky said.

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