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Hungary's foreign minister says that Russia has assured them of a regular gas supply

Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto has announced that Russia has promised to continue gas shipments to Hungary as Gazprom will fulfill its contractual obligations of supplying gas supply to Hungary.

The minister had not cleared when the phone call took place, nor did he reply immediately to this question. Still, Szijjarto has clarified that Gazprom's CEO Alexey Miller and Russia's deputy prime minister Alexander Novak assured that the company would fulfill its obligations towards Hungary as per the set contract.

Under this deal with Gazprom, which was signed last year by Hungary, the country receives 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year which would enter Hungary through Bulgaria and Serbia as there is a long-term deal with Russia. The agreement will be valid for 15 years, with an option to modi8 purchased quantities after ten years.

The foreign minister has added that Hungary's energy security, including its gas supply, is stable. The gas shipments have arrived daily according to the contract, on the scheduled day, and without disruptions.

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