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How Biden’s words towards Putin’s regime has stirred a political storm globally

As the Russian-Ukraine war is heading to an uncertain destination, with the grimmer and tragic situations unearthing in the political domain, President Biden’s remark over President Putin’s regime has invited a worldwide political storm. The world was already grappling with the war situation, and President Biden’s remark seemed to add fuel to the fire. During his address to the people in Poland, President Biden claimed that Putin’s holocaust in Ukraine should dismantle him from his power.

In his scripted remarks, President Biden said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Such statements emanating from the U.S can pulverize the hopes for a ceasefire in Ukraine and fetch grave situations for the White House. Moreover, the political repercussion could be graver, and Biden’s image of a leader can easily be trampled. The White House made quick responses and clarifications, but the remark seems to be direct and cannot be interpreted differently.

Concurrently, quick endeavors were made by the White House in clearing the ground. The administrative officials immediately responded as they knew that such remarks could make the already worsening Geopolitical showdown a terrible one. The administration interprets Biden’s remark saying, “We don’t plan to suggest a regime change in Russia, or anywhere in the world. It is up to the people of Russia.”

They further added that President Biden was hinting that “Putin cannot be given the authority of exercising power over its neighboring countries.” Biden wasn’t referring to a change of regime in Russia.

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