Heat Wave in the UK: Life-threatening; Roads and runways started getting Hotter

UK Heat Wave: Citizens of London are shocked by the heat wave. Currently facing unprecedented heat. Road and rail traffic is also affected.

Citizens have been shocked by the extreme heat in South-Western Europe due to forest fires. In some places, people have lost their lives due to heat. Temperatures in Britain have risen more than predicted by the Met Office. Compared to India, the temperature in European countries is higher than in the last ten years. Along with the citizens, it is also hurting the architecture and construction in Britain. (heat wave in London, England)

Britain's temperature reached 41 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. The temperature was so high that the heat melted even the runways in Britain. It was time to cancel the flight at Luton Airport, 50 kilometers from London, on Monday. Part of the runway was damaged due to excessive heat. Rainway was affected due to the temperature rise. The runway surface was destroyed. After a few hours, the situation was brought under control.

On Monday, the Midlands Railway in London advised people to leave their homes only if necessary. Railway tracks are 20 degrees warmer than the air. That is, if the temperature rises, there may be a danger to the roots. The railway administration said the train runs at 200 km per hour in London.

Some trains were canceled on Tuesday, while at some places the speed of trains was reduced to 30 km per hour. Roads and runways are melting. British Transport Minister Grant Shapps said the rail network is also being disrupted.

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What causes temperature rise?

Coningsby in East England was the first recorded temperature of 40.03 degrees Celsius. Experts are predicting that the temperature is increasing due to climate change. Heat waves are happening all over the world. This heat will grow more in the coming time. But this condition will be expected. A report states that climate change is the reason for the increase in temperature.

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