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Health Index of NITI Aayog released, let us know where are Uttar Pradesh and other states?

NITI Aayog released the health index for the year 2019 to 2020 yesterday. According to the survey, Kerala ranks first in terms of health facilities among large states, while Uttar Pradesh is in the last position. This is the fourth time in a row that Kerala's performance has been the best. Two types of health index reports have been released yesterday, in one, UP has been ranked as the top, in the other it has been given the bottom and it is the same in the case of Kerala.

The thing to note is that what is the difference between these two reports? Let's know NITI Aayog released the Health Index on Monday. In this, the southern states have performed well, while the condition of the northern states has looked very bad. According to the Health Index, Kerala has been found at number one in the country in terms of providing health services and this is the fourth time in a row that Kerala has topped. Earlier in 2015-16, 2017-18, and 2018-19 also, Kerala has been at number one. Tamil Nadu is at number two and Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are at the last place. Uttar Pradesh is at 19th and Bihar is at number 18th.

See which state got which position in the released index.

Kerala 1, Tamil Nadu 2, Telangana 3, Andhra Pradesh 4, Maharashtra 5, Gujarat 6, Himachal Pradesh 7, Punjab 8 Karnataka 9, Chhattisgarh 10, Haryana 11, Assam 12, Jharkhand 13, Odisha 14, Uttarakhand 15, Rajasthan 16, Madhya Pradesh 17, Bihar 18, Uttar Pradesh 19.

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