Has Russia relinquished its thought of capturing Kyiv?: questions US Defense Secretary

Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary on Thursday, questioned the strategy of Russian forces. In its recent move, the Russian army has withdrawn its troops from the north, and its current target seems to be the south and eastern part of the country. Scrutinizing the Russian strategy, Austin claimed that Russian President Putin had relinquished his thought of capturing the Capital Kiyv after the Ukraine forces beat back his army. While addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee in Congress, Austin claimed that "Putin seems to have failed in his objective of capturing Kyiv and invading Ukraine. His thought of swiftly capturing the country was wrong.

Though Russia has not been successful in capturing the capital of Ukraine, the uncertainties of the war continue to prevail. General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, claimed that " it is going to be very difficult for Ukraine to keep its integrity intact and to preserve its independence. Though Ukraine has successfully resisted the Russian attack on its capital, the second phase of the war can unfold various uncertainties.

He further claimed that The battle down in the southeast Donbas region would be challenging where the Russian army was preparing for a greater assault.

Miller expressed his concern and stated that the battle in the southeast region would be challenging, and driving out the Russian army from that region would require more arms support. "The fight down in the terrain would be different from that in the North," said he.

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