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Germany accused of “Exhorting Putin” over refusal to deploy weapons to Kyiv

Germany has been accused by Ukraine’s Foreign minister of jolting the unity among the alliance country by “Exhorting Putin” over refusing to send the weapons to Kyiv. Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba also stated “currently, the unity of the west with Russia holds more significance than ever.

”He further stated that “the German Partners must put a halt to such words and actions which can influence the unity and stimulate Vladimir Putin to a new attack on Ukraine”

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister acknowledged that Kyiv was grateful to Germany for its endeavors and support in recent years, but “Germany’s recent statements are disappointing and contradictory to this support and effort.”

The United Kingdom, The United States, and other Baltic states have promised to deploy arms to Ukraine, in response to the military threat faced by Ukraine from Russia. On Friday Washington announced the first delivery of “Lethal aid” to Kyiv. On other hand, Moscow has denied the very fact of invading Ukraine but is raising demand for security from US and NATO.

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