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Full story behind Deep Sidhu's accident

Deep Sidhu was born in Muktsar district of Punjab. Her career started with modeling. Deep Sidhu studied law. He was also campaigning for Simranjit Singh Mann, head of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar from Deep Sidhu Amargarh in Punjab elections.

The eyewitness of Deep Sidhu when the accident happened, his eyewitness has come to the fore. A person named Mohammad Yusuf said that his car was behind Deep Sidhu's car. That's when the accident happened. Yusuf said that the speed of Sidhu's car would be between 110 and 120 at the time of the accident. Yusuf, an eyewitness to the accident, said another big thing. He said that Sidhu was breathing after the accident and he was conscious .Mohammad Yusuf told that when the accident happened in Sidhu's car, he was also at KMP and was going towards Panipat. Yusuf said that "my car was behind, after the accident, I put my car on the side and got the driver off the truck. Then called on 112. After 15 minutes, the helpline number 112 sent an ambulance."

The eyewitness said that before the ambulance arrived, I pulled the girl (Reena Rai) out of the damaged car and laid her on the surface. She was talking then, she gave me a number which belonged to Deep Sidhu's brother. I called him. His Brother said," that I am sending someone from Delhi there in an hour". Yusuf said that during this time there was a lot of crowd there. Then after about half an hour, Sidhu and the girl were sent from there in an ambulance. The person said that this accident happened when a large container truck, which has more than 12 tyres, collided with him, whose driver left after calling. The eyewitness further said that Deep Sidhu was breathing till after the accident and the girl's bus had a back injury. He said, 'The train will be at a speed of 110 to 120. It is not a matter of overtake, nor was the truck stopped. The collision hit the moving truck from behind.

Deep Sidhu was an accused in the Red Fort violence case and his differences with many political parties are also coming to the fore. His family and friends have termed the incident as a conspiracy. However, SonIpat SP Rahul Sharma said that the matter is being investigated as an accident. A case has also been registered against the unknown driver.

The accident happened around 9.30 pm on Tuesday night under Kundli police station area. At this time Deep Sidhu was driving his own car and was going from Delhi to Bathinda via KMP Express. During this, he had an accident near Kharkhoda. He was accompanied by Reena Rai in the car, who is said to be his fiancée. After the accident, both were admitted to Kharkhoda CHC. Where Deep Sidhu was declared dead. Deep Sidhu's NRI friend Reena Rai told the police during interrogation that when the accident happened, he had lost his eye. As we see the accident was so severe that Deep Sidhu's car went dragging for about 20 to 30 meters. Due to this the front part of Scorpio was shattered. The truck with which Deep Sidhu had an accident is from Rajasthan. His driver still escaped. Deep Sidhu came into the limelight during the farmers' movement against the three agricultural laws. He was also accused of hoisting the religious flag and violence at the Red Fort. Deep Sidhu was also arrested in this case.

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