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Former US general claimed that Putin would soon declare a ceasefire in Ukraine.

24th March marked the one month of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. The counterattacks from both sides seem to be mushrooming more and more with no hope of a ceasefire. Amid such grimmer and terrifying circumstances, Former US general Brig.

Gen. Kevin Ryan claimed that this monotonous Russian invasion of Ukraine is soon likely to come to a halt, as President Putin has already failed to accomplish its goal in Ukraine. He further claimed that Russia had exhausted its military power to a vast extent, and still, they failed to attain the main military goal. They are left with no choice but to withdraw the forces from Ukraine.

Ryan, who served as a defensive attack to Russia for the US, has blatantly announced the inefficiency of the Russian army to last any longer. He stated that “Putin will be compelled to halt this war in Ukraine, sooner or later and possibly in weeks.” He asserted such remarks with greater confidence. The former US General believed that Russia failed to capture the capital Kyiv and other important cities and remove their elected leaders. Moreover, Russia is facing greater consequences on the economic front as sanctions by the western countries are incessantly being imposed on Russian Federation.

“The Russian President would halt the war, not because he wants, but because he has left with no choice. He has reached the capacity of what his military can do”, said Ryan. Further acknowledging the endeavors of Ukrainians, ha said, “a great feat by the Ukrainian people to have prevented the overthrown of their government annexation of their territory.”

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