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For F-16 combat training, Ukraine expects its pilots will need six months

According to Ukraine's air force spokesman, training for combat in Western fighter jets such as the US F-16 will take about a half year. Ukraine received a huge boost earlier this week when Germany and the United States announced plans to supply heavy tanks to Kyiv.

F-16s, according to air force spokesman Yuri Ihnat, may be the best option for a multi-role fighter to replace the country's current fleet of warplanes, which are older than modern Ukraine itself. He stated that Kyiv is currently using four different types of Soviet-era planes.

"The pilots claim that flying the F-16 is not difficult and that they can learn in a matter of weeks. Fighting with these planes is an entirely different experience, requiring the use of a wide range of weapons "Mr Ihnat stated at a press conference. "Pilots say they'll be able to master it in about a half-year," he said. In addition to pilots, Mr Ihnat stated that aviation engineers and other specialists would require training.

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