Football World Cup draw announced; Spain, Germany are in the same group

FIFA World Cup Draw 2022 highlights: The draw for this year's FIFA Soccer World Cup has been announced. This grouping has been decided, while not all the teams in the tournament have been decided yet.

The group stage of the World Cup was decided when not all the teams were decided. Former champions Spain and Germany are in the same group. England is likely to have the United States and their allies in Britain in the group.

The draw for the tournament was announced at a time when only 29 teams in the World Cup were finalized. According to him, the former winners of Spain and Germany are in the same group. Lionel Messi's Argentina will face Brian Lewandowski's Poland in the group. Dangerous Cameroon will have a headache in front of Brazil.

Group A - Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador.

Group B - England, USA, Iran, Wales / Scotland / Ukraine

Group A - Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia

Group D - France, Denmark, Tunisia, UAE / Australia / Peru

Group E - Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica / New Zealand

Group F - Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada.

Group C - Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon

Group H - Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana.


- Draw at the hands of eight former players as well as coaches

Cafu (Brazil) and Lothar Matthias (Germany) from the World Cup-winning team and Tim Cahill, Australia's first goalscorer in World Cup history.

- France coach Didier Deschamps, the winner of the last tournament, is honoured to bring the World Cup

- He is one of the only three players to have won while being a player as well as a coach

- Qatar hosted the tournament in 2010, criticism of Qatar's hosting since then

-New World Cup, a new ball

Qatar will have a new ball for the World Cup in November-December. The ball has been named Al Riata. It means to travel. The ball is said to be moving faster in the air than in previous World Cups.

Gianni Infantino, President of the World Football Federation, said that football could bring everyone together in the current environment. He called for an end to the fighting and called for peace but declined to name anyone.

Symbol of La ib competition

La ib will be the emblem of the World Cup. The Arabic word lab means a player with great skill. "Everyone should think about what this is, think according to their ideas," said FIFA Director Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi. La'ib will make everyone enjoy the game. He will be a darling of all ages. He also said that he would be very popular during the competition.

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