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Facts about Dolphins you did not know

Dolphins happen to be one of the most beloved creatures. Humans appreciate a lot of things about them. The fact that dolphins are friendly, nice, and have great thinking capacity are the reasons humans love them. Plus, they're cute, so what's not to love? What many do not know is that dolphins have a lot more to them than the basic knowledge we have about them. This article is about a few facts about dolphins that are less known by people.

1. There are many species of dolphins

For most people, there's an image that comes to mind when they think about dolphins, and it's that of the bottlenose. The bottlenose dolphin is the most common type of dolphin, but there are a lot of other species too. They can be found all over the world, but especially in south American and Asian rivers.

2. Dolphins are carnivores

Dolphins are cute and all, so not many people would think that dolphins, despite their friendly nature, are carnivores. Their food table includes various foods, including squids, octopuses, fish, and other marine life. Smaller dolphins just stick to fish.

3. Some whales are actually whales

Known as "killer whales, orcas are actually really dolphins. Orcas, known for their black and white coloration, are the biggest members of the dolphin family. Like other dolphins, they are intelligent and hunt with their pod( a group of dolphins).

4. Dolphins can hold their breaths for a much longer than humans

Dolphins have some features that distinguish them from other marine life, but when it comes to holding breaths, dolphins have been discovered to be able to beat humans at the game. They can hold their breath much longer than humans, with the ability to stay underwater for 8–10 minutes, and some can even go for up to 15 minutes. This is because their lungs contain more aveoli than those of other mammals; they have two, while other mammals have one.

5.Dolphins have more brain capacity than humans

If there's another game dolphins beat humans at, it's the capacity of their brains. Dolphins have a greater brain capacity than humans; while human brains weigh 1300 grammes, dolphin brains weigh 1600 grammes along with a complex neocortex. Being able to recognise themselves in mirrors is one thing, but understanding complex human gestures is another, proving their brain capacity.

6.Each dolphin has a signature whistle

Just like humans differentiate each other with names, dolphins differentiate each other by having specific whistles. They also have a lot of other different communication sounds, but the whistles are distinct to each dolphin.

7. Dolphins use tools

It is not surprising that human evolution over time has led to evolution in tools, equipment, appliances, and other things to improve the quality of life; however, not only humans have evolved in that aspect; dolphins have too. Discoveries have shown that dolphins pick up sponges to cover their snouts while they gather food at the bottom of the water. More research is being done in this aspect.

8. Environmental elements affect their skin

Dolphins are prone to being affected by environmental elements. It is not far-fetched, as dolphins are known for their delicate, smooth, and slippery skin. There is evidence that bottlenose dolphins are being affected by exposure to chemical compounds in customer products; the same chemicals cause cancer in humans.

Dolphins are unique species of marine life, and as nice as they are to have around, a lot of challenges are posed to their existence by human actions, so better care should be taken. Also, a lot more research is going on to find out much more about dolphins.

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