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A mysterious hole in the ground suddenly larger than a tennis court; Scientists Confused

Mysterious 650 feet-deep giant sinkhole:

Have you ever seen the gates of hell? Photos of a giant pit are going viral on social media. People are surprised to see this. On Saturday, there was a sensation due to the creation of this giant crater in Chile.

According to David Montenegro, director of the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin), they have sent experts to the area. No bottom material was found. But water is abundant. There is still no official information on how this pit was formed.

The crater, larger than a tennis court, is 650 feet (200 m) deep and 82 feet (25 m) wide. It is said to be related to copper mining. This crater is formed about 650 kilometres from Santiago, the capital of Chile. Chilean authorities launched an investigation into the case on Monday.

There are no casualties due to the crater.

According to the news agency 'Reuters', this huge crater suddenly formed in Tierra Amarilla town in the north of Chile. The place where this pit is built is owned by the Canadian company 'Landing mining".

Landin Mining said that there was no loss of life due to the formation of this pit. Landin Mining owns 80% of the land rights. Japan's Sumitomo Corporation holds the rest. The nearest house is just 600 meters from where this crater was formed.

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