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Europe heading for Pandemic “Endgame”: WHO

The surging Covid cases in Europe have inculcated a heavy burden on the health care system but according to the WHO Europe director, the Omicron Variant has reached an apex phase and could bring an end to this pandemic in Europe.

Hans Kluge claimed that Omicron could infect 60% of the European population by March, and it is Plausible that the region is moving towards the Pandemic Endgame.

Kluge further added that we are deeming to witness an apex period of this pandemic and simultaneously a quiet period following it, till the end of the year. The top US scientist Anthony Fauci seems to agree to this idea on Sunday, acknowledged the very fact “that with Covid Graph exhibiting a profound Plunge in varied parts of the United States, “things are looking God.”

In addition, the WHO regional office for Africa also claimed last week that Covid cases had plunged in that region and even the death rates are not alarming for the first time after the onset of the Pandemic.

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