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Europe experienced a massive cyber attack before the onset of Russia's attack on Ukraine

cyber attack and hacking

Many parts and countries in Europe have experienced a massive Cyber attack pertaining to being executed by Russian Federation before attacking Ukraine.

According to sources Thousands of internet users were thrown offline before the onset of Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine.

According to data presented by Orange, approximately 9,000 subscribers of a satellite internet service procured by its subsidiary Nordnet in France were without internet deeming it as a "cyber event" on February 24 at Viasat, a US satellite operator of which it is a client.

Eutelsat, the parent company of the bigblu satellite internet service, also claimed that on Friday same situation have been witnessed by bigblu. Bigblu confirmed that nearly its 40,000 users spread all over Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Poland, were affected by the outage on Viasat.

Moreover, Viasat present in the US also made a similar remark that a similar "cyber event" had caused a "partial network outage" for subscribers "in Ukraine and elsewhere" in Europe who rely on its KA-SAT satellite.

Viasat responding to the claims, stated that shortly before the execution of the Russian invasion our Satellite network which covered the areas of Europe and Ukraine was the victim of a cyberattack, with thousands of terminals that we're made inoperative after the attack.

Simultaneously Germany's Enercon claimed that due to enormous disturbance of the satellite connection in Europe, "thousands of wind power converters are affected by this cyber event and are now possible to use only to a limited extent. This problem started from the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine."

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