Europe claims to consider Covid-19 as a “ Flu” and we have to “Live with It”

With an exponential surge in Covid-19 cases and its variant like Omicron, many European counties are ready to entertain this very fact of considering Covid-19 as“Flu” and we have to “Live with it”. Among many European countries, Spain was the first one to blatantly accept this fact and also stated that “Covid-19 should be treated as an endemic disease, like the flu.”

The idea is gaining great importance in many European countries and has compelled the government to re-evaluate its strategies in dealing with the Virus. Witnessing the consequences of lower chances of hospitalization and less death rates of Omicron Variant, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez acknowledged the idea of re-evaluating the treatment strategies of Covid-19. Many countries have shortened the quarantine period to ease the operating services. The Czech Republic has recently reduced the quarantine period to five days from two weeks. Putting travel restrictions has also shown their limits.

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