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Elon Musk the ambitious and charismatic personality has brought revolutionary changes in the tech in

Image Courtesy to The World Financial Review

. Elon Musk an entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal and the CEO of electronic car manufacturing company Tesla has successfully established his feat in the automatic era.

Born and raised in South Africa he went through numerous waxes and wanes in his life but never gave up on his dream of becoming a visionary entrepreneur.

Musk completed his graduation from Wharton School with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bachelor of Arts in Economics but dropped his plan of further pursuing the PhD, as he was desiring to fetch his vision of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Elon Musk is considered among those acknowledging businessman who had the piquancy of success in his early life with his capabilities and interest. In 1995, he developed a web software company Zip2, which was later acquired by AltaVista for a humungous about of $340 million. Musk used this amount to create, which later evolved into an electronic payment platform PayPal. The foundation of Tesla and SpaceX are other successful events from his life that can exhort millions of young minds to chase their dream with hard work and determination.

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