Earth is Spinning Faster, Know what will happen now?

Earth Spinning Faster: Earth spins around itself and completes one revolution in 24 hours. Despite what scientists believe, Earth has completed this process in recent years in less than 24 hours. This has increased everyone's concern; why is this happening? What effect will this have next? This is important to know.

Earth completes one rotation in 24 hours, which is what we have in a day. However, now the questions are being raised about whether the speed of rotation on the axis of the Earth is increasing. Because, on July 19, Earth broke the record for the shortest day. It completed its orbit in 1.59 milliseconds, less than the standard 24 hours per day. According to a report by 'The Independent, the speed of the Earth has been increasing recently. 2020 became Earth's shortest month since 1960. This year, July 19 was the shortest day measured. This was 1.47 milliseconds shorter than a normal 14-hour day.

After this event, in 2021, the rotation speed of the planet increased. But no record was recorded this time. Meanwhile, according to 'Interesting Engineering (IE)', these short days could be the beginning of a 50-year phase.

Meanwhile, scientists have not yet provided any concrete information about such different rotation speeds of the Earth. So they speculate that it could be due to internal or external surface processes in the Earth's core, oceans, tides or climate changes.

As the Independent reports, negative leap seconds will become important if the Earth continues to spin at an increasing speed. This is akin to removing a few seconds or changing the time of an atomic clock to keep the speed of the Earth's rotation around the Sun consistent. Adding negative leap seconds will also cause some disadvantages. For example, smartphones, computers and communication systems set to solar time will be greatly affected. Many scientists believe that this can be dangerous. It will be a big loss.

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