Donald Trump warns of World War III

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has warned that the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia could turn into an ugly World War 3, which "would be like no other."

He said, "You may end up with a Third World War because of the stupidity of what we are saying and what we are doing." "And we want to help because of what's happening; they are obliterated. But you know, we could end up in a Third World War because of how we are going about it. And I never thought that would be possible."

He has also predicted that "it would be like no other war" due to "renovated and brand new weapons."

He said, "I completely rebuilt the United States military; I hated to do it because I saw the power. I knew the power better than anyone else. I know the power. And we are in a position I never thought we'd be in. We have a major country, every day, he mentions nuclear, nuclear, and nuclear, and China is doing things they would have never done with us."

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