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Delmicron is the cause for an exponential increase in covid cases in Europe and U.S

Many countries seem to be arming themselves against the new variant of coronavirus i.e omicron and amid this chaos Delmicron seems to be the biggest reason behind the skyrocketing increase in the coronavirus cases in Europe and U.S. Delmicron is not a new variant evolved rather it is the Delta and Omicron variant together exhorting the surge in the cases of coronavirus in Europe and U.S.

According to the statics presented Delta variant was more dominant in the U.S accounting for 99.5 percent of Covid-19 cases last month. The statics of this month shows a shift to the omicron variant dominating up to 73 percent of covid-19 cases in the U.S.

Doctors have claimed that people having weak immune systems, old age people and non-vaccinated people are at more risk of getting infected with the variant of Delta and omicron simultaneously. Moreover, Dr. Paul Moderna’s medical officer has claimed that there is a possibility of evolution of a new variant as the two variants can swap the genes of an individual giving rise to a new variant.

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