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Dangerous Omicron Variant spreading rapidly in India

The COVID Task Force has made a final warning, if care and precautions are not taken, 14 lakh new patients can be found in India every day!

The task force fears that if the number of Omicron infections in India is lower than in other countries if care is not taken, 1.4 million new patients could be found in India every day as the number of patients in Europe grows rapidly.

Paul, head of the Covid Task Force, has expressed fears that the number of patients in India could rise sharply at the pace of Europe.

Omicron variants are causing outbreaks in many European countries, including Britain. At the same time, India's Covid Task Force chief and member of the policy commission, Dr. V. K. Paul has expressed the greatest fear. At the same rate as the omicron variant of the corona in European countries, the number of patients in India is expected to increase by 1.4 million a day. At the same time, Paul warns that the Covid rules must be strictly adhered to in order to control the situation.

The first patient of the Omicron variant was found in South Africa and now Omicron variants have spread to 91 countries around the world. The situation is more serious in European countries. In Britain, there has been an outbreak of the disease. On Friday alone, 93,000 new Corona victims were registered. Against this backdrop, India's Covid Task Force chief V. K. Paul has warned of danger in clear words.

In European countries, 80 percent of citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine against covid. Yet the situation in some countries is deteriorating. With the spread of the disease in India at the same rate as the number of patients there, 14 lakh new cases could be found every day, Paul said.

The eruption of corona in Europe should be looked at differently. If so many patients are found despite being heavily vaccinated, it is a big risk, Paul added. Pointing to the situation in Europe, Paul warned of a future crisis for India and called for greater vigilance. Although 100 Omicron patients have been found in India, the current situation is not so serious. However, the positivity rate is increasing in some districts and the concerned states have been informed about it. If necessary, preventive measures should be taken there, Paul said.

Meanwhile, ICMR Director General Dr. Balram Bhargava has also warned the citizens. We have to be careful considering the danger of Omicron. Unnecessary travel will have to be avoided as well as large crowds will have to be avoided and these ceremonies will have to be completed by a few people. That time is back now. "We will not go unnoticed," he said.

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