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Curfew is imposed In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

In Bareilly, the administration has imposed a curfew under Section 144 in the aftermath of the Kanpur violence and as a precautionary measure ahead of a massive protest held on June 10, as announced by Muslim cleric Tauqir Raza. As per the curfew rules – not more than five persons would be allowed to assemble in a public place. Protests would also be prohibited during this period.

The curfew will continue until July 3 to avoid any unwanted situation like what happened in Kanpur on Friday, June 3. A violent fight broke out between two groups belonging to different communities, which led to a market shutdown in Kanpur. The security in the area also ended up between YateemKhana and Parade crossroads in Kanpur. Two people and one policeman were injured in the clashes. The violence started after some people tried to shut down shops opposed by the other group, and the police gave the statement.

Meanwhile, the state police on Saturday, June 4, stated that the main accused in the Kanpur violence case, Hayat Jaffar Hashmi, has been arrested along with three other masterminds. Four men involved in the conspiracy were identified, tracked, and arrested. "We will investigate if they had any links with PFI. Action will be taken under Gangster Act, and N.S.A. and their properties will be seized," added the Kanpur CP.

The four people arrested have been identified as Hayat Jaffar Hashmi, Javed Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Rahil& Mohammad Suffian.

Uttar Pradesh police confirmed that 24 people have been arrested so far in connection with the violence that broke out yesterday in Kanpur." Some people tried to ignite communal tension in Kanpur.

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