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Filmy-style Thrills in America; During the firing, a civilian fired at the assailant

Greenwood Park Mall shooting: An unknown person started shooting at a mall in Indiana, USA. Four people were killed, and two were seriously injured in this firing.

Incidents of shooting are constantly coming to the fore in America. Three people were killed in a shooting at an Indiana mall on Sunday. Also, the rioters died in this incident, and it has come to light that the attacker was shot dead by a common citizen. AFP has reported this. The shooting took place in Greenwood Park Mall. (Indiana shooting)

On Sunday evening, an unknown assailant opened fire at the food court in Indiana Mall. In this incident, four people died, and two were seriously injured. Police officer Jim Eason has informed that the attackers are also among the dead.

Around 6 in the evening, the police received information about a shooting in the mall. We immediately set out to go there. However, before that, a common citizen carrying a firearm opened fire on the assailant, killing the assailant. However, the exact motive behind this attack is not yet clear, and the police are searching for it.

Police have brought the whole situation under control. So, the injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Also, with the help of the local police, security has been increased in the mall area, and citizens have been banned from going there. Also, it has been appealed to the citizens to avoid going to this area for a few days. Police have brought the whole situation under control. I am in direct communication with the command post, and there is no threat now," informed Mayor Mark.

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