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Cristiano Ronaldo's Statue placed in Panaji, Goa

Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo's sculpture has been introduced in Panaji, Goa to motivate the young and take football to next even out in the state and country. The sculpture weighs around 410 kgs and the point of introducing it is to inspire the more youthful age towards sports and following their fantasies.

"This is interestingly that the sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo has come up in India. This is only to move our childhood. To take football to another level then this is the thing that youngsters and young ladies will look forard to, taking selfies and taking a gander at the sculpture and geeting propelled to play. The public authority, region, and the panchayat's responsibility is to give great foundation, great football grounds, great futsal grounds. We really want a decent framework for our young men and young ladies to go there and play," Goa serve Michael Lobo told ANI.

He added, "Sculpture is simply to move. we need great foundation from the public authority. we really want mentors who can prepare our young men and young ladies. Government ought to designate previous players as mentors who played for Goa and did right by India. In this manner no one but, we can push forward in the field of sports. Being a major country, we are behind numerous nations in the terms of football."

"There are certain individuals who have gone against the establishment of the sculpture and I think they are the ardent football skeptics. They don't think about football as a religion. Football is a game where everybody is equivalent, independent of position, shading, religion and so forth still, these individuals are contradicting it with dark banners. I can say nothing regarding them and simply need to show homage them," said the pastor

The sculpture cost around 12 lakhs and it was being since most recent three years however got deferred to the COVID-19 pandemic

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