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Covid19: The spread of BA.2 variant of Corona in the world, the world's concern will increase?

Coronavirus in China: With the rapid spread of Corona in China, Western Europe, and Hong Kong, will there be another wave of Corona transmission in neighboring India? Find out what experts say ...

China, which has been pushing for a 'zero coveted policy', has been hit hard by the coronavirus. The growing number of corona-infected patients has added to China's concerns. The country, which has the largest population, has declared lockdowns in several areas, including major cities, to control the situation in a timely manner. As a result, many citizens have had to lock themselves out of their homes. Currently, in China, the sub-variant BA.2 of the omicron variant of the Corona seems to be spreading very fast.

The BA.2 sub-variant was first discovered in South Africa. Apart from China, this variant has now been found in Western Europe as well. Countries like China, recognizing the threat, insisted on the Zero Cove policy and vaccination. This helped the citizens to get immunity.

According to the World Health Organization, BA.2 is a fast-spreading variant, but it is not dangerous to human life.

With the rapid spread of corona in China, Western Europe, and Hong Kong, will there be another wave of corona transmission in neighboring India? Such a question is bothering many. According to Narendra Kumar, chairman of India's Covid Task Force, there are few signs of an increase in corona infections in India due to BA.2. This is because, during the third wave of the corona, 75 patients in India were found to be infected with this sub-variant.

A new wave is expected from IIT Kanpur in June. However, the risk is not expected to be high.

According to experts, there is a big difference between the situation in India and China. The third wave of corona in India has helped a large number of citizens to gain immunity. Therefore, the faster the number of patients increased in the third wave, the faster the number of patients decreased.

In India, meanwhile, booster doses have been approved for citizens over the age of 60. However, booster dose has not been made mandatory.

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