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Covaxin: Supply of Covaxin stopped by WHO!; Is the vaccine completely safe?

  • Covaxin: The World Health Organization has made a significant decision regarding the covaxin vaccine on COVID-19. The supply of the vaccine to UN agencies has been suspended.

New Delhi: The World Health Organization (WHO) has again slammed the Indian biotech company, which manufactures the indigenous vaccine Covaxin. The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to cut off the vaccine supply to UN agencies. This step has been taken to point out some errors. The WHO, meanwhile, said the vaccine was effective and completely safe, so there was no reason to worry. (Covaxin Latest Breaking News)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a statement suspending the supply of the Covaxin vaccine. It called for an end to collecting the vaccine from UN agencies. The WHO survey found some flaws in the vaccine production and export process. Accordingly, some suggestions have been made regarding good manufacturing practices. The WHO said the company should rectify the situation. The company has started taking steps consequently.

The key is that Bharat Biotech has issued a statement a day earlier stating that production of Covaxin has been reduced in all its units. It is also mentioned that we are taking this step intending to reduce the demand and meet the expectations of the agencies buying the stock. It has also been clarified that pending matters from the company will be completed in the coming days.

We will submit revised plans to DCGI and WHO. The company had applied for a further license for emergency use after obtaining a permit to supply vaccines in India. This license is required if you want to provide vaccines to UN-affiliated organizations. Some suggestions have been received from the WHO in its inspection of this license. "We are working on it," the company said. We have not yet received an order for the vaccine from any United Nations agency. "We are currently supplying vaccines to India and other countries as per orders," the company said.

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