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Corona cases seem to be increasing due to Omicron.

Corona cases seem to be increasing due to Omicron. WHO says that the dangerous wave of corona can come again due to Delta and Omicron. People of all ages are at risk of this variant, but its effect on children is going to increase. Children in America are increasingly falling prey to Omicron.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, in the week of December 23, about 199,000 children have been reported to be infected with the corona, which is 50 percent more than the initial figures of the month. At the same time, in the week of December 28, the number of people aged 0-17 hospitalized is about 378, which was 66.1 percent more than the first week. Earlier this number was seen in the Delta wave on 1 September. After this, people in the age group of 18-29 years are more among those admitted to the hospital.

Henry Bernstein, a pediatrician at Northwell Health Hospital System in New York, says, "Even though the percentage of children becoming critically ill is small, a small percentage of a large number are at high risk." Younger people are getting more infected and admitted to hospitals than the elderly. The main reason for this is that the vaccination rate of children of 5-11 years is very slow here.

Doctors say that most of those whose condition is getting serious in hospitals so far are those who have not got the vaccine. In India too, from January 3, children between the ages of 15 and 18 will start getting the corona vaccine. At the same time, the trial of vaccines is going on for children up to 2-15 years.

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