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Chinese Spying Case: Provides sensitive information to Chinese spies

A journalist who provided sensitive information to Chinese intelligence has been arrested. His property in Delhi has been confiscated by the ED.

Provided sensitive information to Chinese intelligence.

ED's big action against journalist Rajiv Sharma.

Assets worth Rs 48.21 lakh seized in Delhi

New Delhi: A Delhi-based journalist has been charged with providing confidential and sensitive information to Chinese intelligence officials. The property worth Rs 48.21 lakh was seized from the journalist in Delhi. The Directorate of Recovery informed about this action today.

The ED has taken action against Rajiv Sharma, a freelance journalist, under the PMLA Act. Sharma's property in Pitampura area of ​​Delhi has been ordered to be confiscated and proceedings have been initiated accordingly, the ED said. Rajiv Sharma was charged under various sections in 2020 for violating confidentiality. He was arrested on September 14, 2020 by the Special Branch of Delhi Police. He was granted bail by the Delhi High Court last week.

What exactly are the allegations against the journalist?

Rajiv Sharma has been accused of providing highly sensitive and confidential information to Chinese intelligence officials about the deployment of Indian troops and border strategies. The ED has also registered a case against Sharma and is investigating the money laundering case. The ED's investigation has uncovered shocking information. Accordingly, it has become clear that Rajiv Sharma has got a lot of money. Bing of a fake company in the Mahipalpur area has also exploded.

The company was run by Chinese nationals Zhang Cheng alias Suraj, Zhang Liksia alias Usha, King Xi and Nepali national Sher Singh alias Raj Bohra. They were all working for the Chinese intelligence. It was through this company that Rajiv Sharma was paid in exchange for confidential information. It has also come to light that Sharma had asked Shitafi to deposit the entire amount in his friend's bank account. The company has also arranged foreign tours for Sharma.

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