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China's warning, the United States put 'foot' in Taiwan; Military moves from China

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday, defying China's warning of dire consequences. China had opposed Pelosi's visit to Taiwan over sovereignty issues. China also said that 'America will have to pay a heavy price for this.' However, even after that, Pelosi reached Taiwan from Malaysia. She is the first high-ranking American political leader to set foot in Taiwan in 25 years.


In the wake of Pelosi's visit, China closed airspace along its east coast along the city of Xiamen. However, Pelosi and her delegation arrived at Taipei Airport on a US Air Force plane. Meanwhile, local media reported that China's Su-35 fighter jets crossed the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu welcomed him at the airport. Taipei's tallest building was illuminated to welcome Pelosi. In the wake of Pelosi's visit, the US deployed four warships in the sea east of Taiwan. However, the US had said that this was a regular naval deployment. Taiwan's foreign ministry has not commented on Pelosi's visit. "Coming to Taiwan is a demonstration of our commitment to democracy. "The freedoms of Taiwan and all democratic institutions must be respected," Pelosi said in a tweet. China considers Taiwan as its inalienable part. Therefore, China had warned that US intervention there would have serious consequences. The US does not have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, the US said it was helping Taiwan defend itself.

Meanwhile, China has said that Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan will seriously impact bilateral relations, and Pelosi's actions threaten regional peace and stability. China's Foreign Ministry issued a strongly worded statement after Pelosi arrived in Taiwan. China has said that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan violates the 'one China principle and the three joint statements of China and the United States. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan has seriously affected the foundation of Sino-US relations. China's sovereignty and territorial integrity are also affected. This has seriously affected the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. This sends the wrong message to Taiwan's separatists. China condemns this action,' said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

"America's solidarity with Taiwan's two and a half million citizens is important in a time of choice between democracy and authoritarianism." : Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, US House of Representatives

'World Towards Nuclear War

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that 'one mistake in killing each other could send all of humanity heading for nuclear war.' conflict in Ukraine; Also. He has made this statement in the background of tension in Asia and the Middle East. The demand for nuclear weapons is increasing all over the world, and this must be stopped immediately. Guterres also said that countries that produce and possess nuclear weapons should take a step back. He spoke at a New York meeting on the Treaty on Nuclear Disarmament.

China's moves

  1. - Military moves by China in the Taiwan Strait as Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan.

  2. - Local media reports that Chinese Su-35 jets have crossed the Taiwan Strait.

  3. - China's Eastern Theater Command said military forces were on high alert.

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