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China made this complaint to America about India

While America was putting pressure on India to openly criticize Russia by staying on its side in the Russo-Ukraine war, now there is a softening of its stand.

America has said that India should take its own decisions on Russia. On India's increasing oil purchase from Russia, America has said it is India's sovereign decision. There has been a sharp reaction from China to this comment from America. The official Global Times, considered the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has targeted this remark of the US and said that despite India-China's similar stand on Russia, America is adopting a double attitude towards both countries. In fact, on Tuesday, John Kirby, the coordinator of the White House Security Council's Strategic Communications Council, said in the context of Russia that each country should make its own decision. He was questioned about India's increasing oil purchases from Russia.

In response, he said, 'India is a very important strategic partner of America in the Indo-Pacific region. There are many ways in which the defense, security, and economic partnership between the two countries are seen. We will not stop Indian leaders from deciding their economic policies. I can tell you that we value this bilateral relationship with India, and we want to... Each country has to make its own decisions. He further said, 'This is the sovereign decision of India. But we want as much pressure as possible on Russia internationally. He will have to face the consequences of what Putin is doing.

The Global Times, called the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has targeted this remark from the US through a graphic. Sharing the graphic on its Twitter handle, Global Times wrote, 'Classic double standard from the White House.' The graphic reads with a picture of John Kirby, 'When China buys Russian oil, America says that China should be a responsible country and impose sanctions on Russia. And when India buys Russian oil, America says that countries can make their own decisions.

This is a sovereign decision.

Despite US sanctions, China and India are at the forefront of buying oil from Russia. According to reports, in May, Russia overtook Saudi Arabia to become the second-largest oil supplier to India.

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