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Caution! Omicron spreads across 14 states; Three times faster than Delta!

The threat of Omicron is increasing in India. The number of patients in the country is increasing rapidly and so far Omicron variants have been spread in 14 states.

Omicron variant spread in 14 states of the country.

Three patients of Omicron found in Jammu and Kashmir.

Three times faster than the delta, the center warned.

The Omicron variant has now entered Jammu and Kashmir as well. Three Omicron patients were found in Jammu and Kashmir today. This is the 14th state in the country to have Omicron patients. Meanwhile, the number of Omicron-infected patients in India has now reached 220 and the central government has issued an urgent warning to all states and union territories in view of the growing threat.

The threat of Omicron variant is increasing in the country. The first two patients of this variant in India were found in Karnataka. Within a month after that, this variant has spread to 14 states. Three patients of this variant were found in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday. Samples of these three were sent to NCDC.

It is learned that all the three have been infected with Omicron. Thereafter, instructions have been given to conduct RTPCR tests in the entire department concerned. Four new Omicron patients were found in Telangana today. Concerns are being raised that three of them are from non-risk countries. A fourth patient is in contact with one of these. On the other hand, Maharashtra's concern is growing. In Maharashtra today 11 more patients were added. Of these, 8 patients are being examined at Mumbai Airport while 1 patient each has been found at Pimpri Chinchwad, Osmanabad and Navi Mumbai. The number of Omicron infected patients in the state has now reached 65 and Maharashtra has the highest number of patients in the country. After Maharashtra, the number of patients in Delhi has reached 54.

Meanwhile, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Tuesday issued an urgent letter to all states and union territories warning of the growing threat of Omicron. The Omicron variant spreads three times faster than the Delta variant. With this in mind, the letter clearly states that data analysis at the local and district level, speedy decisions as well as necessary steps should be taken to prevent infection. The letter also called for curfew, restrictions on large crowds, restrictions on attendance at weddings and funerals to control the situation. It also suggests reducing attendance at offices, companies, industries, and public transport services. However, it has been clarified that this decision should be taken according to the situation.

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