Bullibai' narrator attempts suicide, reveals connection with Sully Deals

It has come to light that the facilitator of Bullibai app has attempted suicide. Police have also claimed that the connection between Bullibai and Sully Deals has been revealed. The facilitator of the Bullibai app is currently in the custody of the Delhi Police.

Accused Neeraj Bishnoi, who uploaded photos of Muslim women using the 'Bullibai' app, has given shocking information. He has revealed that he is in touch with the person who made the sully deals. Neeraj has been hacking since he was 15 years old. Accused Neeraj has attempted suicide in police custody (bulli bai app mastermind attempts suicide). He is being kept in police custody. Accused Neeraj Bishnoi, who developed the 'Bullibai' app, is currently in the custody of Delhi Police. During the interrogation, he is constantly making new revelations. He claims that he now knows the creator of the Sully Deals app.

An FIR lodged at the Kishangarh police station in Delhi has confirmed the claim made by Neeraj Bishnoi. At the time, he had tweeted a photo of a woman for auction from his Twitter account. Accused Neeraj Bishnoi had learned to hack websites and tamper with websites from the age of 15. He had earlier hacked several websites of schools and universities in Pakistan, including India. Accused Neeraj Bishnoi has a tendency towards GIYU, a gaming character in Japanese animation. He had created various Twitter handles using the word GIYU, said DCP Cyber ​​Crime Unit KPS Malhotra.

Accused Neeraj had created a Twitter account with the word GIYU. This poses a major challenge to investigative agencies. The accused Neeraj was in contact with the youths arrested by the Mumbai Police in this case. He was chatting through Twitter group chat. This makes it difficult to catch him. However, after the case came to light, Delhi Police arrested him from Assam. Two other accused have also been arrested in the case.

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