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Building fire in New York! 19 killed, including nine children

A broken heater set fire to the third floor of a 19-story building. However, the fire soon spread to the upper and lower floors.

The worst incident of the last 30 years.

A fire broke out in a 19-story building in New York.

Bad heater caused fire on the second and third floor of the building.

A fire at a 19-story building in the Bronx, New York City, has killed at least 19 people. The dead included nine children. The incident is seen as one of the worst in New York City in 30 years.

A broken heater set fire to the third floor of a 19-story building. However, in a short time, the fire spread to the upper and lower floors ... and the whole building was filled with smoke.

The fire engulfed the second and third floors of the building, according to New York Fire Department (FDNY) Commissioner Daniel Negro on Sunday. Nineteen people were killed and several others were seriously injured in the blast.

Mayor Eric Adams, Governor Kathy Hochul and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer arrived at the scene shortly after the incident was reported. Stephen Ringell, a senior adviser to Mayor Adams, confirmed the death toll.

He said that the children who lost their lives in the accident were 16 years of age or less. He also informed that 13 people have been admitted to the hospital and most of them are in critical condition. Many suffered from respiratory problems after being trapped in a burning building.

Mayor Adams shared his experience in reporting this horrific incident. 'This is one of the worst fires of modern times. Firefighters found the victim on almost every floor. Some had a heart attack and some had difficulty breathing. '

Around 200 fire trucks were dispatched to the spot after receiving information about the accident around 11.00 am on Sunday.

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