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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces new allegations under the “Partygate” scandal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now facing new allegations around the “Partygate” scandal; the scandal is surrounding the government officials breaching the coronavirus rules, including illegal gatherings during the lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already been fined for one such illegal party, which occurred in June 2020, when his wife Carrie brought a cake to the Cabinet Room, due to which she was fined along with UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

According to various UK media reports, Johnson is believed to have links with around 12 lockdown parties, and the matter is under police investigation.

According to ‘The Sunday Times,’ a source says that leaving drinks had gathered for Number 10 Downing Street’s outing was allegedly “instigated” by Johnson.

Due to this, the Opposition has called for him to step down. Labour Party Deputy Leader Angela said that “if the latest reports are true, it means not only did the Prime Minister attend the parties, but he had a hand in instigating at least one of them.” She has added: “While the British public was making huge sacrifices, Boris Johnson was breaking the law” “the Prime Minister has demeaned his office.

The British people deserve better. While labor has a plan for tackling the cost-of-living crisis, Tory MP’s are too busy defending the indefensible actions of Boris Johnson.”

Amid the allegations, Prime Minister is expected to escape the heat and media scrutiny as he will be visiting India.

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