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Britain PM Boris Johnson eased the Covid restrictions in England as the Omicron wave “has peaked”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson while addressing the lawmakers on Wednesday claimed that the face masks would no longer be a compulsion in public places or schools in England. Johnson informed the lawmakers that the restriction was eased as the government scientists claimed that the “highly mutable omicron wave has now peaked nationally.”

While addressing the lawmaker's Johnson stated “varied nations across Europe were compelled to endure the winter lockdown…but this government choose a different path.” Johnson also acknowledged that the government had got the toughest decision right and the numbers of people requiring intensive care were reducing.

Johnson further added that people would be no longer impelled to work from home and Covid-19 passes would not be a compulsion for attending a large-scale event. Students would no longer have to wear face masks in their classrooms from Thursday and people from next week won’t have to carry the compulsion of wearing the mask anywhere in England.

Johnson said, “we would endow our trust in the judgment of British people and would no longer criminalize any individual who chooses not to wear the mask.”

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