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Boris Johnson is now hit by "a wave of resignation"

A new political crisis has arisen in the United Kingdom, and Boris Johnson is now. He is battling to stay in his office amid a growing wave of resignations from his government in protest at his leadership. Many members have resigned because the prime minister will be grilled by senior MP, as his premiership is now in crisis. The dramatic resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid have added fuel to the fire.

This wave of resignations occurred minutes after Mr. Johnson appointed Chris Pincher. Even the prime minister has agreed that it was a "bad mistake" to appoint Mr. Pincher, even though he is "well aware of the misconduct allegations against him."

He has no explanation of why he was assigned the job despite knowing about his misconduct. Mr. Quince, who was set out to defend the Pm in the media interviews just two days ago, has said that Downing Street had given him "inaccurate information," has now resigned bg said that "he had no choice but to resign" he also added that he repeated No 10's assurances "in good faith."

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