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Bill Gates: 'There will be another epidemic like Corona in the world'

The whole world was affected by the Corona virus epidemic. Now that the number of corona patients is rapidly declining, the situation is becoming normal. But Bill Gates has given a big warning.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the world's top billionaires, has issued a serious warning. Soon another epidemic like Corona could hit the world, said Bill Gates. The risk of serious illness from Covid-19 has been dramatically reduced. This is because people are developing immunity to the virus, he said.

Bill Gates gave an interview to CNBC. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the coming epidemic. However, he hopes that with the help of advances in medical technology, the world will be able to cope better. However, it will have to invest from now on, he added. Corona has been with us for the past two years and its bad effects are now diminishing, said the founder of Microsoft.

'Immunity levels rise in global population':

This is because of the low level of immunity in the global population. The new Omicron variant has also been shown to reduce the severity of the virus. When the virus spreads, it builds up its own immunity. But now that the global community has become more immune to the virus, the practice has become more effective than vaccines, Gates said.

The number of corona patients in India is declining. But a sub-variant of Omicron's BA.2 has raised concerns. A new variant of the corona virus is spreading faster than BA.2 omicron. This has come to the fore in various studies. The study also found that a sub-variant of Omicron could be more dangerous than the BA.2 delta and could cause serious coronary heart disease. This variant has raised concerns, said epidemiologist Eric Fang.

Corolla's BA.2 variant deadly?

The BA.2 variant of the Corona is also called Stealth Omicron. BA.2 is capable of causing serious illness. But it has yet to be fully studied. BA.2 is known to be a subvariant of Omicron, but its genome structure differs significantly from that of BA.1, the researchers say.

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