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Biden & G7 countries warn: Russia's economic blockade in case of invasion of Ukraine;

following Biden, the G7 countries have issued a final warning to Russia,

US President Joe Biden told reporters that Biden had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would pay a heavy price if it invaded Ukraine and that it would have to bear the brunt of the economic crisis.

Some US states were hit hard by the storm. Biden briefed reporters on the talks with Putin. "I have told Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, it will have a devastating effect on Russia's economy," he said.

Although Russia has not released any information about the invasion of Ukraine, the United States has said it will send troops to Ukraine.

The United States and NATO may decide to send more troops to the East to increase security in the region.

Biden spoke with Putin over the phone last week for two hours. Biden said in a statement that he had warned Putin that an attack on Ukraine would jeopardize Russia's position in the world.

The foreign ministers of the G-7 countries have given the same warning to Russia after the meeting in Liverpool. they called on Russia to resolve its differences with Ukraine through negotiations. they have warned Russia that the attack could have "deadly consequences."

The G7 finance ministers are holding a virtual meeting on economic issues on Monday. The question of Ukraine is also likely to be present at that time. Russia will also discuss imposing economic sanctions if it launches an offensive, officials said.

Russia's attack on Ukraine would be detrimental to itself and its development.

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