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Belgorod Blast: Has Ukraine started counter attack inside the Russian territory?

Russia has accused Ukraine of the explosions that had occurred, reportedly killing three people in the city. Moscow has now accused that Sunday's attack has been a deliberate attempt by the Ukrainian forces to target its civilians. Kyiv has dismissed Moscow's claim by stating that Russians had lied about similar incidents in the past.

The regional governor said that the blasts had hit dozens of residential buildings, and the air defenses had been activated.

The Russian defense ministry's spokesman Igor Konashenkov has said that the air defenses had destroyed three Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles with cluster warheads. Still, its fraction fell on the blocks of flats. He has asserted "that the missile attack was intentionally planned and launched at the civilian population."

While the Ukrainian defense ministry spokesman Yuriy Sak has told BBC, "our security services have often intercepted phone calls between the Russian servicemen prove that sometimes, most often, these types of activities are … provocations by the Russian side themselves."

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