Russian Military Convoy: Will they Destroy Ukraine? 64 km long military convoy en route to Kyiv

On Monday, while the first round of peace talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials was underway in Belarus, a convoy of Belarusian tanks and military vehicles appeared in a line near the Ukrainian border.

Russia has now taken decisive steps to destroy Kiev, which has been fighting valiantly for the past five days without bowing to a formidable enemy. Kiev's army, which is considered to be very weak in the face of Russia, unexpectedly annoyed Russia with the help of civilians. However, Ukraine claims that about 4,500 Russian soldiers have been killed so far in the war. Since then, Russia's new game has come to the fore with the help of satellite images.

Satellite images have revealed that a large Russian army is on its way to Ukraine. The convoy of Russian troops and military vehicles is estimated to be more than 64 kilometers long. Apart from tanks, the convoy includes armed vehicles, artillery and other military vehicles.

The Russian military is currently at a distance of 25 km from the capital Kiev.

According to satellite images from Maxar, ground and ground combat helicopters have also been deployed in southern Belarus. The contingent of Russian troops is so long that it looks like a traffic jam on the way to Kiev.

On Monday, the first round of peace talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials began in Belarus, with a convoy of Belarusian tanks and military vehicles lined up near the Ukrainian border. Meanwhile, the first round of talks aimed at ending the war between Russia and Ukraine has failed.

According to the Daily Mail, Belarusian military vehicles were seen moving east from the southwest of the country, and Belarusian troops, along with Russia, were preparing to invade Ukraine.

Meanwhile, observers have warned that if Kiev officials rejected Russia's demands during the talks, it could be an excuse to intensify the attack on Ukraine. The talks were attended by Ukraine's defense minister, chief adviser to the president's office and the deputy foreign minister, the report said. On the other hand, the Russian delegation was led by Putin's cultural adviser.

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