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Attack on Putin's Car: Major lapse in Vladimir Putin's security; There was an explosion in the car

Attack on Putin's Car: A big news story has emerged amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. Euro Weekly News has publicly revealed an attack on Putin's convoy. According to reports, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin's car, was attacked, but he narrowly escaped.

According to reports, Putin was returning to his residence, accompanied by the first of his security team car; an ambulance stopped a short distance away from the car. After stopping, there was a huge explosion on the left wheel of Putin's car. After this, smoke spread everywhere. However, the police were alerted, and bomb disposal squads and bulletproof security forces immediately took Putin under security. Putin's life was narrowly saved in this incident.

A big mistake in Putin's security

Many of Putin's security service members have been arrested for this mistake. Besides this, some of Putin's bodyguards have also been sacked following the leak of travel information. The anti-Putin GVR Telegram channel claimed that after the incident, Putin reached the residence through another security cordon. The backup squad consisted of 5 armored cars, with Putin in the third car.

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