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As the war continues, conflict-driven nations suffer due to disrupted food supplies.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on, the Russian military forces destroy major cities of Ukraine, and the peace talks seem to have taken a halt. In this situation, another problem has popped up. According to experts, Arab nations may face a problem in food distribution in their respective countries.

Countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen where millions of people in the Middle East whose lives are already under threat due to the unrest and conflicts are wondering from where their next meal will come from as Ukraine and Russia account for a third of global wheat and barley exports and the Arab nations are dependent on subsidized bread and noodles from Ukraine or Russia it is now difficult to have a smooth food supply for the Arab countries.

Lebanon, where the country's main grain silos were destroyed last year, now only has wheat reserves that can last up to 6 weeks only. Now prepares itself for darker days as several markets were out of wheat and corn oil last week.

Its been a month since the war began between Ukraine and Russia, but now the effects are seen in conflict-driven countries as they face many difficulties to even have a one-time meal due to disrupted food supplies and inflation.

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