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America's 'Ninja Missile' eliminated Zawahiri; How dangerous is this weapon?

The US has announced that the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was killed by two Hellfire missiles. The US said the missiles hit the balcony of the bungalow where he was killed so accurately that there were no signs of explosions or other damage.

What is Hellfire Nine X?

  1. - This missile is also known as the 'Ninja Bomb.'

  2. - They are used to capture the target accurately.

  3. - It is fired with drones.

  4. - It does not contain explosives. With only six blades, it penetrates the target at high speed and crushes it.

  5. - That is why this missile is also called 'Flying Jinsu.'

  6. - Pentagon and CIA jointly use and operate this missile.

Why US use it only on special occasions?

Pointing out that innocent civilians are being killed in Afghanistan, US President Obama emphasized precise targeting. The 'R Nine X' form of 'Hellfire' is only used on special occasions. It is used only when the leader of a terrorist group is determined. The Wall Street Journal reported that this missile could prevent other damage around the target. This missile was developed in 2011.

Where was it used before?

This method was used at least half a dozen times before Zawahiri was killed. It includes special events in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia. This missile was included as 'Plan B' in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, the then leader of 'Al Qaeda.'

The previous 'Targets.'

- Jamal al-Badawi - January 2019 (He killed 17 US marines in a Yemeni port in 2000.)

- Ahmed Hassan Abu Khair Al Masri - February 2017 - Was al Qaeda's number two leader.

Develop targeted variants

The specially designed, stealth-use missile, five feet long and weighing only 100 pounds, hits the target precisely and shows no signs of burnout or fragmentation. It also has various forms, such as target oriented.

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