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After taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban holds the first talk in Europe

Since the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban and western diplomats have begun their first official talks. The two sides have begun their closed-door meetings at a hotel in the snow-capped mountain above the Norwegian capital. It is more likely that the Taliban representatives will posit their demand of unfreezing nearly $10 billion as Afghanistan faces a humanitarian crisis.

Taliban delegate Shafiullah Azam stated that “we are requesting the United States and other western countries to release the frozen Afghan assets and not led the ordinary Afghan to incur any consequences because of the political discourse.” He further added, “due to bleak winter conditions and starvation situation the international communities should support the Afghans and not let them incur because of political disputes.”

The three-day meeting began on Sunday with direct talks between the Taliban and civil society representatives. The meeting was attended by the U.S, the EU, Britain, Italy, France and hosts Norway.

A joint statement tweeted by Zabihullah Mujahid reads that “the diplomats of both the sides have acknowledged that deciphering and cooperating are the only solutions to the problems of Afghanistan and all the Afghans need to work collectively for enhanced political, economic and security outcomes in the country.”

The United Nations has assented and managed to furnish some liquidity and approved the Taliban Administration to pay for imports, including the electricity. Moreover, with the Taliban’s demand for funds, the western powers are likely to prioritize the rights of women and girls on their agenda, along with the Taliban administration sharing power with Afghanistan ethnic and minority groups.

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