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Actor Gaspard Ulliel dies in a skiing accident,

Was to appear in the upcoming series of Marvels

Frenchman Gaspard Ulliel died in a skiing accident on Tuesday. He was 37 years old. It is said that while skiing, he hit his other partner and fell to the ground.

Actor Gaspard Ulliel, who was a part of many movies and TV shows, died in a skiing accident. The role of Gaspard, 37, in Hannibal Rising was much talked about. He was also a part of many advertisements. Gaspard Ulliel was also to be seen in Marvel's upcoming series 'Moon Night'. His death has come as a shock to Hollywood.

Albertville's attorneys said the incident happened Tuesday. While skiing, Gaspard collided with another skier. Both fell to the ground after being hit. The rescue squad wasn't called for him. However, when the team saw that Gaspard was not moving at all and was lying unconscious, only one sensation was heard. The team later said Gaspard had died.

Gaspard did not suffer any injuries while skiing. The director of La Rosiere resort told BFM TV that Gaspard did not wear a helmet while skiing. Although helmets are not required on the French skiing slopes, everyone is advised to wear them.

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