Accusations of using a vacuum bomb from Russia; What is a vacuum bomb?

The Russian attack caused extensive damage to the City Hall building area in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Human rights groups and Ukraine's ambassador to the United States on Monday claimed that Russia had dropped cluster and vacuum bombs on Ukraine. The use of these two destructive bombs has been condemned by various international organizations.

Russia's military says it has used banned cluster munitions, according to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watchdog. Amnesty International has accused the country of attacking a children's school in northeastern Ukraine. CNN also reported that one of its crews spotted a Russian launcher launching several vacuum bombs at the same time near the Ukrainian border on Saturday afternoon. Of course, there was no official confirmation of the use of vacuum bombs by Russia.

Russia has used a thermobaric weapon known as a vacuum bomb in its attack on Ukraine. "We want to wreak havoc on this country," said Oksana Markova, Ukraine's ambassador to the United States. But there is no convincing information about it; But if it is true, it is a war crime, "said Jane Sackie, White House media secretary. Russia's embassy in Washington, meanwhile, has not commented.

What are clusters and human bombs?

A cluster bomb is an air-to-ground explosive device that emits small, missile-like explosives. While it is mainly used to attack humans or destroy vehicles, a vacuum bomb or thermobaric weapon absorbs oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high temperature explosion. This bomb produces longer durations than other explosives.

70 Ukrainian soldiers killed:

Kiev: At least 70 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in a Russian attack on a military base in the town of Okhtarka between Kharkiv and Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhilensky has told the Telegram. He has also posted photographs of the collapsed and burnt four-storey building and the search for those trapped in the pile; In addition, several Russian soldiers and some locals were killed in Sunday's clashes, he said in a Facebook post. Of course, this could not be immediately confirmed.

Expulsion of 12 Russian diplomats

New York: The United States has expelled 12 diplomats from Russia's mission to the United Nations. The United States has said no one was involved in the spying. However, Russia has said in a statement that the move was "hostile" to the United States and that it was a "grave breach" by the United States, which hosts the UN headquarters.

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