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Abu Dhabi drone strike: Three killed, six injured, including two Indians

Two Indians and a Pakistani national were killed in a fuel tanker blast in Abu Dhabi. Six people were seriously injured in the blast

The dead included a Pakistani national

Drone strikes target international airport

The Huthi rebels claimed responsibility for the blast

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Many are shocked by the terrorist attacks carried out by Huthi rebels in Yemen in the United Arab Emirates today. Two bomb blasts near the construction site of Abu Dhabi International Airport on Monday killed at least three people. This includes two Indians. Six others were seriously injured in the attack. The state news agency of the United Arab Emirates quoted the police as saying.

Al Arabiya, quoting the state news agency WAM, confirmed the deaths of three people in a fuel tanker explosion in Abu Dhabi. This includes two Indians and one Pakistani. The injured have been shifted to the hospital for treatment.

The UAE is also fighting the Houthis in an alliance with Saudi Arabia in Yemen's civil war. The UAE recently stepped up airstrikes against Huthi rebels in Yemen. An Iranian-backed rebel group (Huthi) had earlier threatened to retaliate. Today's (Monday) attack is said to be part of this operation. Earlier, seven Indian crew members aboard the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ship Rawabi were detained by Iranian-backed Huthi rebels operating in Yemen.

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