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A woman was gang-raped in front of children by Russian soldiers, and the husband was shot dead

Russia Ukraine War: Russia and Ukraine war has started, and now the month has passed. Meanwhile, there have been reports of Russian soldiers abusing women and children in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian woman has been raped three times by Russian soldiers in front of her young children. Ukraine has also accused her husband of being shot dead.

It's been a month since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Maria Menzetseva, a Ukrainian woman MP, accused Russian troops of "abhorrent behavior" during an interview with Sky News.

Maria is angry that the Kyiv woman was raped in front of her children.

According to the Daily Mail, this is not the first time women have been raped by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

What would have been the effect on the minds of those children who have seen all this happen to their mothers? "We will not remain silent," she said. Ukraine's Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova also said the case would be investigated.

He was intoxicated when Russian soldiers broke into a house in Kyiv. They killed her husband in front of the woman. He then repeatedly raped the woman.

He also threatened children, Venediktova claimed. According to him, two Russian soldiers had earlier attacked women in the brewery area of ​​East Kyiv. One of the soldiers was identified, and charges were laid against him.

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