A mentally ill man jumps from 8 th floor of a Hospital in Kolkata, India

A psycho man Jumps from the 8th floor of the Institute of neuroscience Kolkata and passes away. This terrifying incident took place at 11.33 am on Saturday.

As per the hospital report, the man escaped from the glass window of the 8th floor and took shelter on the cornice. He started to threaten hospital staffs that he would jump down. Hospital authorities informed the Fire brigade and police. The fire brigade immediately rushed to the hospital and tried to convince the man to return to his room through the window. But he didn't follow their instructions and started threatening firefighters too.

After 2 hours of failed conversations and rescue efforts, the man started to hang with the cornice and jumped from the cornice. After falling to the ground, hospital staff took him to the emergency unit.

As per the hospital report, he died just after starting treatment due to a severe head injury.

Locals and eyewitnesses raised questions about the hospital's security and the fire brigade's work.

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