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35 anti-India YouTube channels banned

The Indian government has banned 35 YouTube channels from Pakistan for spreading anti-India sentiments. According to the government, the number of subscribers to these channels is around 12 million, while the number of viewers watching audio recordings on them is more than 130 million.

Along with these 35 YouTube channels, two Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, two Facebook accounts, and two websites were used to spread false propaganda against India. All these channels, accounts, and websites have been ordered to be shut down, the Information and Broadcasting Department said on Friday. He is accused of spreading baseless propaganda and anti-India information.

Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary, Information and Broadcasting, said that all these accounts, channels, were being run from Pakistan. They were spreading false propaganda about the Indian Army, Jammu, and Kashmir, India's foreign affairs, the death of General Bipin Rawat. Apart from that, separatist ideology was being fertilized and law and order were being threatened.

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